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For Europe, I will walk!

I'm living in Lyon. I'm not into politics and I wasn't into sports before last months.
I'm just a citizen and a mother, worried by the evolution of Europe, of the world.
Before the next european elections, on May 26th, I wanted to spread a message of hope for Europe and encourage to vote.
I will accompany this message of a personal challenge, which will be to walk from Lyon to Brussels, about 700 km, from the 10th of March.
Valérie Thatcher

10.03 Lyon
10.03 Anse
11.03 Belleville-en-Beaujolais
12.03 Mâcon
13.03 Viré
14.03 Lenoux
15.03 Chalon-sur-Saône
16.03 Merceuil
17.03 Nuits Saint Georges
18.03 Dijon
20.03 Val Suzon
21.03 Saint-Seine-l'Abbaye
22.03 Baigneux-les-Juifs
23.03 Aisey-sur-Seine
24.03 Châtillon-sur-Seine
25.03 Verpillères-sur-Ource
26.03 Longpré-le-Sec
27.03 Brienne-le-Château
28.03 Margerie-Hancourt
29.03 Vitry-le-François
31.03 Vésigneul-sur-Marne

1.04 Bussy-le-Château
2.04 Sommepy-Tahure
3.04 Pauvres
4.04 Corny-Machéroménil
5.04 Signy-l'Abbaye
6.04 Auvillers-les-Forges
7.04 Forges
8.04 Cerfontaine
10.04 Walcourt (Thy-le-Château)
11.04 Charleroi
12.04 Les-Bons-Villers
13.04 Waterloo
14.04 Brussels

Images: © Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière, author Zoran Kurelić Rabko; © Vue des quais de Mâcon depuis Saint-Laurent-sur-Saône, author Chabe01; © Chalon-sur-Saône, author P. Jacquet; © Place Francois Rude à Dijon, France, author user:Arnaud 25; © Vitry-le-François: Hôtel de ville (vue du parc et bassin), author Prosopee; © Walcourt (Belgium): the Grand'Place, author Marc Ryckaert (MJJR); © Town Hall of Charleroi, Belgium, author Jmh2o; © Floral carpet on the Grand Place in Brussels, Belgium, author Wouter Hagens.

In 2018, we commemorated the end of the First World War, a total war, one hundred years ago.

9.7 millions of soldiers killed;
10 millions of civilians killed;
millions of wounded, widows and orphans;
sacrificed generations;
massive destruction, collapse in agricultural and industrial production, starvation, a political upheaval of the European continent.

74 years ago ended the Second World War.

Remember the most terrible record of human history:
about 60 million of deaths, a majority of civilians, millions of wounded people, massive population displacements (prisoners, deportees, mandatory workers, borders changes), families decimated, torn apart;
a devastated continent, ruined countries, razed cities, starvation, misery;
a political reshaping of the world, new borders, beginnings of the Cold War;
a major moral crisis faced with the widespread use of torture, the discovery of concentration and extermination camps, the bombings of civilians, the use of first atomic bombs.

The concept of crimes against humanity appears as well as crime against the peace and security of mankind.

Remember why Europe was born and what it has done for us:

Europe organised the rebuilding of a devastated continent, created cooperations, a common market, free movement of goods, services, persons, a single currency;
Europe develops cooperation and solidarity, maintains economic and political stability;
Europe preserves peace and security.

There is still much to do and to improve.
Let's encourage European deputies and people of good will to build a Europe which protects people and the environment.
European construction is everybody's concern.
Isolationism and intolerance are growing and threatening Europe.
Let's react!

Images: Pixabay. Authors: © Bru-nO; © Capri23auto; © ChequeredInk; © PhotoMIX-Company.

May 26 let's vote to advance and grow Europe.
Your vote counts.

Let's vote:
against extremes, against fear, against egoism...
for dialogue, for cooperation, for solidarity, for peace...

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